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Valer Records

Cat No. VRLP 1
(12" Vinyl)

Energy - ENR 57003 (Italy)

Pressing - 10000






Get Back Records

Cat No. GET 25
(12" Vinyl)

Pressing - 1000




Alternative Action

Cat No. AA 036
(12" Vinyl)

Pressing - 2000



Alternative Action

Cat No. AA 041
(12" Vinyl)

Pressing - 1000

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A1 Persecution Complex 2:36
A2 Bone Idol 1:54
A3 Movement 2:51
A4 Be My Baby 3:19
A5 Corgi Crap 2:43
A6 Sad So Sad 2:38
A7 The Change 3:39

B1 Lookalikes 2:36
B2 The Underdog 3:00
B3 No More Time 2:35
B4 City Drones 3:40
B5 Just Want To Be Myself 2:44
B6 Lift Off The Bans 2:37

Note: This album was issued on CD by Anagram Records with additional tracks.



A1 The Clique
A2 Be My Baby
A3 The Change
A4 Movement
A5 Johnny Go Home
A6 Then I Kissed Her

B1 Search And Destroy
B2 You Never Notice
B3 Fooled
B4 She's OK
B5 Bristol's Black




Note: This album was issued as the Expectations CD with additional live tracks.



A1 Lookalikes
A2 I Just Wanna Be Myself
A3 Sad So Sad
A4 The Change
A5 City Drones
A6 Be My Baby
A7 You'll Lose

B1 Corgi Crap
B2 Bone Idol
B3 Movement
B4 No More Time
B5 Sorted
B6 Lift Off The Bans
B7 Persecution Complex

Note: Badge and poster included. Limited Edition - Numbered.

Also issued on CD with another gig included.



A1 Dirty Bastards
A2 Sorted
A3 Nightman
A4 Psychotic Woman
A5 American Pie
A6 The Phone

B1 Good Girl
B2 I'll Get Back To You
B3 I Don't Care
B4 Jon The Postman
B5 Heard It Through The Grapevine
B6 Johnny Go Home



Note: This album was issued as the 'Sorted' CD with a slight change in track order.


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